Thursday, March 29, 2012

How to Have Perfect Picture in Summer ni Ashley/Petra Mahalimuyak

First and everything, I like Ashley and I'm her Pan.. Like panpage. I going to watch her youtube but my internet is bad. I saw this images during may youtube streming oy. No opend to ashely this is only for fan, because this is looks fanny for mine.

Check the images posted below by Petra Mahalimuyak:

This photo are collected from ashley youtube for her samsung camera endorsement.. for more details visit here

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

St. Theresa’s College High School Student in Bikini Banned from School

Huh, what if your in the Beach? Are you going to wear nun dress? I heard that one of the  St. Theresa’s College High School  was banned from the school due to the facebook picture wearing bikini. News was published by Inquirer and according to the news, the mother file a case for injunction and damages.  Tama lang, eh imbes na walang issue, ginawan lalo ng issue ng school at ito ngayon na media na at na blog ko pa.

What is the picture looks like? Is this the one?

Hmmm palagay nyo? Pero hindi yan kasi sya si Anna Marie Rama, candidate for Miss Bikini Philippines noong 2009 and I'm sure it's legal and you cannot ban her for joining the contest because she's one of the top model.

Or maybe this one: 

at lalong hindi yan, sa palagay nyo kasi hindi ako mapalagay. Ano ito cebu student bikini picture scandal o bikini picture of cebu student?

Tama ba na hindi pa graduatin ang bata dahil sa picture na yun?

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Monday, March 19, 2012

The true Pinay Scandal that published on the internet

A lot a people looking about Pinay Scandal and they are very interested to download or watch the video stream. Philippine Woman called Pinay and we all know the word scandal, that's why they call it as Pinay Scandal.

There are lot of video's on the internet involving Filipina's having bed scene with Filipino and Foreign Guy who love Filipina's. That's why their is a saying:

Foreigner is the answer to Poverty .

But this saying is totally a disgrace to our Mother, Sisters and entire Philippine Woman. That's why I hate to hear that saying.

Actually it's not true, and only 0.01% of the Pinay deed interacting with rich Foreigner.

Check this out; there is a Bar in Malate, Philippines called LA Cafe but they already changed the Bar name, (I forget the new name) and you will see a lot of Filipina intended to have foreign friends.

If you see those Pinay over there, you will see my point that they are really intended for foreigners because they are cute, morina and totally perfect for foreign guys.

You can have drinks with them, chat and kissing but it's only apply for foreigner, If your a Filipino without foreign companion, your not allowed to go inside that Bar.

Bar like this is not only in Malate, there is also in Angeles City, Subic/Zambales and other Places in the country that has a lot of Foreigners.

There a other scandal on the Internet usually shows on the different bad streaming sites and this scandals came from different places, categories, incident and source of leak.

Mostly this video's contain attractive titles like:

DLSU Scandal, Cavite Scandal, Rhian Ramos Scandal, Bautista Scandal and lot more. All of this materials are totally ban from the Philippine Servers and Philippine Government don't allow any bad sites in the Philippines.

There is also a leak in youtube but if you watch this, this are not a all the way video. This are the sample of high views youtube video in-connection with the scandal searches.

Be thankful that this blog shares the biggest contribution in regard of Pinay Scandal, Please comment or G+ my blog to spread the right topic about Pinay Scandal.

Pinay Nurse Student Picture is not an scandal but I don't know why people thinking scandal in this picture.

Again, Im sorry for my english, I wish this article is informative to fill-up your needs. ^_^

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Round 1 of the Most Beautiful and Sexy Filipina in the Internet

An online beauty voting for the most beautiful and sexy Filipina in the Internet. Pictured gathered from Pinay Contest Registration in Pinay Book Fanpage, To Join Please Comment on our FB Fanpage. Thanks

Beautiful image below are the selected beauties for Round 1 Voting. Please vote by clicking the voting application, so that it will not be hard to tally out.

Beautiful Pinay #1

Beautiful Pinay #2

Beautiful Pinay #3

Beautiful Pinay #4

Beautiful Pinay #5

Beautiful Pinay #6

Beautiful Pinay #7

Beautiful Pinay #8

Beautiful Pinay #9

Beautiful Pinay #10

Please Vote Accordingly ^_^

Pinoy #11

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