Saturday, June 9, 2012

Pacquiao vs Bradley Live Streaming Fight: Should It be Watched via Online Livestream?

A day before the much-awaited Pacquaio vs. Bradley match, boxing fans from all over the world are excited to see who would prove to be the pound-for-pound king. No doubt, June 9, 2012 is considered to be the most expected boxing event of the year.

What makes this fight between Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao and Timothy “Desert Storm” Bradley thrilling is that both boxers are superfighters. Both are champions and each has his own killer tactics. Therefore, with the strengths of these both boxing professionals, nobody can really guess who will bring the WBO welterweight title after the fight. This makes the match interesting since the result is unpredictable.

Though he still won, after his fight with Juan Manuel Marquez last November, Pacman was removed from the pound-for-pound king ranking spot of Ring magazine because of his decreased power shown during the fight. Currently, he is placed side-by-side with his ultimate off-the-ring enemy, Floyd Mayweather Jr. at the second rank. If he wins this time against Bradley, there is a possibility that he will get back to the no. 1 spot. 

However, if ever the fight becomes very competitive, even if he wins, he might just stay at the second place.

On the other hand, Bradley who has never been defeated in the ring is 100% confident that he is going to beat Pacquiao. He is 5 years younger than his opponent and his softpaw gives him the assurance of taking the title. Nevertheless, this still has to be seen if it will work against Pacman since nobody among his defeated victims are big names yet.

The Pacquiao-Bradley fight will happen at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. It can be watched live at HBO pay-per-view which is produced and distributed by HBO Pay-Per-View®. 

However, it can also be seen live through live stream on the internet.

The question now is, which is better? Watch the fight through the HBO pay-per-view or online live streaming? For those who have no access to the pay-per-view, of course, it would be an advantage to just watch online. Watching in front of the computer is just like watching TV anyway. In this unforgettable event, it would be a loss to not be able to get the fight’s result first hand. Watching it through TV replays would not give you that same excitement anymore when you know that the actual fight is over and there is a result already.

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