Monday, April 23, 2012

Pinay With Braces, Pretty Filipina Smile Shows

Beautiful Pinay Faces with Braces. More people is now taking braces in to fashion and we all know tooth braces are expensive. This usually cost P10,000 to 30,000 for single part only, I mean like lower part or upper part only. Some of the braces almost cost P100,000 or more but this is more comfortable compare to traditional tooth braces.

Girls with braces is a good fashion points for some Pinoys and this are some of the girls with tooth braces.

For me it really looks great specially when the girl can carry her smile, I mean if she's pretty and smiley.

Make sure your looking into braces, set aside for a moment your wild mind thinking about Pinay Scandal and Pinoy Scandal. LOL

Don't make your eyeball going around, stick with my topic; about Pretty Pinay with Tooth Braces.

Hephephep, don't comment about my english again.. Your pedicab blogger at your service.

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