Friday, April 20, 2012

F*ck Pinay Scandal Signs - Dirty Fingers Pinay Pose - Good or Bad?

We saw a lot of pose that girls are showing dirty fingers, I don't know if I'm in the wrong time mate for this generation. Before I love to see peace signs, love signs but today dirty fingers is getting viral. Is this part of new era, posing with bad finger sign become cute and cool?

I remember a politician from Davao City, do a dirty sign infront of national TV, and lot of people from the entire Philippines like what he deed and few get mad.

So the question now, Is this sign is now part of the cute or pa cute pose in the Philippines?

That's why I highlight some of this pictures if readers will love to see this F*ck signs of Filipina poses.

Do they look cute, cool, hot or astig?

Sa palagay nyo mga boss, ma'am and sirs..

Warning: Donot against my English, Remember, I'm the Pedicab Blogger.

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