Sunday, April 29, 2012

Alleged Pinay Scandal involving Angel Locsin Clarified

Video was posted year 2008 and now earn 20 Million viewers in Youtube (2011). This video was confirmed by Edu Manzano the former optical board head that this is only a marketing strategy and not Angel Locsin.

The girl in the video was a P#@n Star and confirmed not Angel.

This is the alleged video clarified by TV Patrol.

The fact; Why Pinoy or Pinay love to ride on scandal topic and make treading every time someone has involved in scandal. Is that because we are cheesemozo and cheesemoza? I think yes.

Clarification: The Girl in the video is Natt Chanapa a Thai Actress Model and it's not Angel Locsin.

Today, after confirming it is fake. Angel and Phil Younghusband live happily.

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  1. akala ko si angel talaga :((( buti nalang HINDI