Monday, December 26, 2011

How to make a Improvised Speaker - Free Cell Phone Speaker

Requirements to make a improvised cell phone speaker:

1. Knife
2. Coke Plastic Bottle (1.5 Liters)
3. Chopping Board
4. Cell Phone

Watch the video How:

Sorry for my English, I'm just your Pedicab Driver doing sideline as Blogger..

It's not like this, ofcourse;

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What Prudent Law Group Do?

We only live once, and we should take full advantage of it. A lot people spend their lives earning a lot of money so that their families and future generation of his bloodline would have enough money to bank on and spend. And for someone who lives a pretty awesome life, the thought of dying and what would happen next seems so far away. But living is as important as dying. Although you can’t bring all your money and properties in the next life, you could at least make sure that everything you worked hard for in your lifetime will end up in the hands of the right person.

                Wills are written document that narrates how a person’s property will be divided after death. This should be done with a lawyer for it to be valid. And after that person dies, it is the job of that lawyer to make sure that the will is properly carried out, no matter how hard. Some will have conditions and age criteria. You can’t count on a 5 year old to run your business or spend $1, 000, 000. 00 wisely. The will makes it clear how your properties will be divided and it will make sure that it is done properly. In this way, family disputes and fights can be averted. You can die happy knowing that your money, businesses and precious things will go to the rightful new owners.
                Some people forget to make wills, making it hard for the family to divide the deceased person’s estate. It is where the law comes in. Depending on state laws, the family will receive their just properties. Legal firms such as Prudent Law Group, which is known for its expertise and candor, can settle the family squabble over the expired person’s properties.

                Assigning someone to settle the disputes over your assets after you die is also acceptable. Through the power of the attorney, a person can confer the power to divide his properties to his wife, children or whoever he deemed suitable to make decisions. This process has its consequences like other choices. The person who holds that power can choose to keep all those properties by himself, leaving other family members empty handed. It is a risky move, but if you trust someone to have the veracity to do the right thing then the power of attorney will not backfire.

                Other important matters that you have to consider are the treatments you are willing to undertake once you are incapable of making decisions on your own. You can choose not to undergo surgery, intubation or resuscitation just in case your heart suddenly stops beating.

                Power of the attorney can also be applied in health care decisions. You can assign a family member to make the decisions on how you will be treated. Although this choice can be very hard for your relative since they would always think that they are the one who pulled the plug.

                There are a lot of legal preparations you have to deal with in a lifetime. It is much easier this way because you are in direct control of what will happen even if you are in the afterlife.

More info about Prudent Law Group

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Is that true that Rhian Ramos and DJ Mo has Video Scandal? (Rhian and DJ Mo Video Scandal)

I saw a video of Rhian Ramos and DJ Mo at youtube titled Me and Mo Mov but it was not clear if they really are.

This is one of the video clips of Rhian and DJ Mo Scandal:

Can you judge if it is DJ Mo and Rhian?

Sa palagay mo lang talaga, Sila ba or Hindi..

The big question, "rhian ramos and dj mo video scandal" where is the video? at youtube?

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Friday, December 16, 2011

Who is Looking for Pinoy Chat, Pinoy Radio DJ and Pinoy Hang-Out

I was surprised that there is a chat board with live DJ's, they call it ILounge. Lot of Pinoys around the world are listening and enjoying the cool live DJ's and music.

This guys usually play teenagers music and the best of it, you can request music, greet friends and "makipag kulitan sa FB Board".

Everything can be find at ILounge and here are the following features:

Pinay Chat
Pinay Chatters
Pinoy Chat
Pinoy Chatters
Filipina Chat
Filipina Chatters
Pinay Teen Chat
Pinay Teen Chatters
Hugemate Chat
Hugemate Chatters
OFW Chat
OFW Chatters

Everybody just have a good time at ILounge

by Pedicab Blogger

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Gerald, won as 'Favorite Anak TV Makabata Star'

Just recently honored with the 2011 Children's TV Seal Awards Budoy lead star Gerald Anderson as one of the 'Favorite TV Child Star Makabata.' Extremely fun when he accepted the recognition and all the blessings he had been receiving including the box-office they hit movie of Sarah Geronimo Will not Last a Day Without you and the pioneering air of Budoy.

Source: Abante

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

What is Hugemate?

Hugemate is the new social network for teenager and started in the Philippines.

Hugemate has currently 200,000 + active users from different Schools, Colleges and Universities in the Philippines

Sign-up now to meet your mates..

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Rhian, temporary leave showbiz

Indicated by Rhian Ramos in her exclusive interview with 24 Oras on Wednesday that she will rest in showbiz to lose his mind for the big controversy involving Mo.

Rhian admitted that she hurt and shocked about the video diary of her ex-boyfriend DJ Mo Twister was spread on the Internet last week. She has believe that she destroyed by her former partner.

Rhian's confession also become "blind" because she super love Mo and consequences of his youth. In late repentance for himself was Rhian said that it would then hear the advice of her family opposed the relationship she had with Mo.

Source: Abante

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Pinoy Jokes Collection ni Pedicab Blogger - Daily Bred lang oy!!!

My Pinoy Jokes Collection:

Na-ideklara na pong regular holiday sa Martesat miyerkules(Dec6-7).Kaya walang pasok ang Private and Public Schools(Elementary-College) at lahat ng Goverment Agencies dahil inaasahan po ng ating pangulo na ang sambayanang Pilipino ay makiki-isa

Sa paghahanap kay ELISA!
-Kasama si DORA dahil nasa kanya ang MAPA...


tєαchєr: αng unαng mαkαsαgσt sα tαnσng kσ, mαuunαng umuwí.

єхcítєd αng mgα єstudчαntє.

juαn (hínαgís αng вαg sα lαвαs)..

tєαchєr: kαnínσng вαg чun?

juαn: αkín mαn! чαn nαsαgσt kσ nα! вчє clαssmαtєs sєє чσu tσmσrrσw!


Boy: hi, may BF ka?
Girl: meron, sino ka?
Boy: Papa mo to, humanda ka lang pag uwi ko!

(Another Unknown Text.)
Boy:Hi, may BF ka??
Girl: Wala no, di uso sa kin yan. Sino ka pala??
Boy: Boyfriend mo to, sinaktan mo na naman ako :( :(
Girl: oh,sory babe. I thought ikaw si Papa.
Boy: Yes! Ako nga to, Papa mo!! Humanda ka lang talaga pag uwi ko, bibitayin kita babae ka!!
- HANEP! hahaha!


Teacher: Pedro, Ano ang gusto mo maging paglaki?
Pedro: Gusto ko po maging Doctor, Para makatulong sa Kapwa.
Teacher: Good, Eh Ikaw Boboy? Ano ang gusto mo maging paglaki?
Boboy: Gusto ko po maging Doctor, Para makatulong ako sa Kapwa.
Teacher: Good. Eh Ikaw Juan Tamad? Ano ang gusto mo maging paglaki?
Juan Tamad: Gusto ko po maging Kapwa, Para tulungan ako ng Doctor.


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Sunday, December 4, 2011

What is Jolly Jeep in Makati? - Goto at Makati and Pares at Makati..!!

When the first time I do pedicab in Makati, I'm not aware of Jolly Jeep, and I was asking my Co Pedicab Driver what is Jolly Jeep..

They answer me: Are you rich so that you don't know the Jolly Jeep.
and I reply: No, I'm not, It just happen that I did not encounter that word yet. I never see a jeep with Jollibee.

I research this interesting Jolly Jeep and I saw this picture:

But i fail to see the food inside the jeep, it's only a jeep with Jollibee mascot.

At the lunch time, they invite me to Jolly Jeep and we order the food at the square food store:

 We buy Sisig and Chicken Adobo.. Its really good and delicious.. P35 per order.. + P10 Rice = P45.. Solve..

They told me that its the Jolly Jeep.. It was a great surprise that the Jolly Jeep in Makati is not a Jeep and not a Jollibee it is a square food store with delicious food, vending cheap and good taste filipino food..

I ask them if they experience to eat at Jolly Trike.. Jolly Tricycle bah..!!!
and this is the Gotohan on the move in my mind, I saw a lot of Tricycle selling food in Makati..

Gotohan sells arozcaldo, tokwa, tokwat baboy, plain lugaw, lugaw wit laman, goto special (may itlog, laman at lugaw) - my free fried bawang, onion rings at patis pinasarap..

But my very favorite in Makati is the Pares.. Witwew... Super delicious and this it looks like:

 Imagine how tasty and delicious it is.. Maraming taba ng baka at lumapot sa katas ng taba ng baka.. hmmmm.. at paresan ng fried rice na my onion rings, ginisang bawang at maanhang na chili souce... aangal kapa?

hmmm sarap... hangang dito nalang muna... bibiyahe pa ako...  take care..

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Marabut Samar - Caluwayan Resort Tour of Mr Pedicab Driver

As part of my rest and recreation as pedicab driver, I choose the destination of Marabut Samar, in Caluwayan Beach Resort. I spend P250 for the ride from Tacloban City, because we're 10 during that tour, so 10 x 250 = 2,500 ( its a van rent and its already good for Tacloban - Marabut - Tacloban and the van was rented from 6am to 6pm) 

On the way to Marabut, we pass the San Juanico Bridge:

We travel from Tacloban Airport to Marabut for about 50 Mins then we arrive at Caluwayan Resort and see the simple nature surprise:

At Caluwayan Resort:

We pay P50 per head for the entrance, P600 for the Open Cottage and if you use the swimming pool you will pay another P100.

The View of Marabut Samar:

At your service again: Pedicab Blogger...

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Revelation Month - Piolo Pascual and Atty Midas Marquez

Fast few days, TV and Social Media viewers was surprised about the action of the 2 gentlemen caught in Camera. I don't judge the action of this two young, handsome, intelligent and popular personality.

You can judge them by commenting this blog...

This is the video of Atty Midas Marquez:

Thanks to   - youtube video owner

Piolo Pascual Video:

Thanks to   Youtube Video Owner

What is your reaction for this two gents?

Do you dream, believe and surprised?

Are this two gents are gay?

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