Thursday, November 24, 2011

Animal and Human Reaction when they lost the Game!!!

You know!!!! We need to change this attitude..., "The No Pinoy was defeated, they always lost because they was cheated by the opponents"... No Pinoy was lost the game or election, they always say: I was defeated because they are cheater ... Old style na yan Chong or Chang... Magbago kana, mundo nga nag kakaroon cliclimate change.. Ikaw pakaya..!!! 

In each game or election, there is always a mechanics, guidelines and rules to be followed.

So what about if there is an event in facebook fanpage and the game mechanics is many many likes only? and no other rules... Means, you can do all strategies, technique, cost and effort to have likes, not the all cost to Blahhh Blahhh Blahhh...

Kung yung pinag dadaldal nyo trinabaho nyo baka lumamang pa kayo!!!! Diba?

It just saying lang na tamad kayo noh...!!! No effort, No Glory!!! Tapos Mag rereklamo pa...!!! means lang weak ka pa sa work mo against your opponents..

Ito young taong madaldal at nag dada daldal nalang... 

That's why next time you do effort with strategies, not effort with machine gun mouth... or finger typing goods "comment ng comment" instead of campaigning.

And this is the reactions of people who lost the game and cannot accept the truth:

 and you deserve that reaction because when you work in your campaign, your wearing like this:

Haiz... stoping writing here, it's hard to write my nose bleed bleed...

- Your Pedicab Blogger.. Basta Driver Swit Lober... 

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Most Daring Star in the Philippines - Parol

Do you know? Christmas star or "Parol" is displayed in the Philippines when the Christmas season comes. They call it Parol and the parol is made of wood, bamboo stick, coconut tree parts and they decorate with some color and lighting.. It's colorful when it is plug from electricity.

Opps this parol is different and this is not the "parolado" from prison, this is the parol with mysterious art.  

Click the parol the see to difference and the artistic chicks.. wetweeew.... "yung kakaiba ba" when you find it, please like and comment and if not please like only...

Click to View Large:

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Floyd Mayweather, Jr.., New Pound for Pound King

o comment Congressman Manny Pacquiao current predicament of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

The arrest of one of the CGMA asked Manny short press conference held yesterday at the arrival area of Centennial Airport, minutes after the descent of the plane he had ridden from Los Angeles, California.

"In such matters, we first study carefully before we give a comment and we do not merely comment may decide we do not know," said Manny.

Manny was also asked about the appointment of ESPN Floyd Mayweather, Jr.. Pound for Pound as the new King, a title previously held clap him and earn his answer "I do not know where to go out 'he said.
"In some people maybe not blood Filipinos who thought of that."

Source: Abante

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Facebook will ban Philippines effective 1:00pm December 1, 2011?

Click the like to protest:

Is this true or humor? Faceboook will ban Philippines? If this action by facebook is true, I think we have to back up our pictures and other files...

And I'm still looking for the reliable source of this viral message at facebook..

Pero sa tingin ko pakalat na naman ito ng ibang blogger, sana before they post mag isip muna kasi nakaka shock talaga...

If this happen, paano na mga facebook lovers sa Pilipinas at mga nag uusap na mga OFW using facebook. Kung totoo ito, let's have a protest to save us from FB ban..

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Facebook will ban Philippines?

This sucks, Philippines will be ban from Facebook... Huh Sino ba si facebook? e di mas okay if Facebook will stop operation in the Philippines.. Sila lang naman mawawalan.. Sa dami ng facebook users dito, e matanda o bata nag fafacebook at sa dami ng ads nila from Philippines, so be it... kung sino mawawalan..

At wala naman itong source, maybe ito ang source LOL... Inamin ng Facebook na nahihirapan sila sa kumakalat na pornographic image, pero ni reresolve na nila yun, and if, hindi nila maresolve, it's just a proof na facebook engineers are weak, lame and stupid.. sacrifice millions of dollars versus few dollars to pay a good engineer to resolve this application.

And why don't contact the application engineer ng pornographic image then pay it to resolve. ^_^

Ito ang real article about that issue, pero wala ako nabasa about banning the Philippines, how bout Philippines will ban facebook? Pwede pa..

"There has been suggestions that Anonymous is behind the attack, but no one has come forward to claim it.
The group of hacktivists had previously vowed to 'destroy' Facebook on November 5, the night which commemorates Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot because of its privacy policy.

They created a Twitter account and uploaded a YouTube video, saying: 'If you are a willing hacktivist or a guy who just wants to protect the freedom of information then join the cause and kill Facebook for the sake of your own privacy.'

This new torrent of imagery has lead to many users deactivating their accounts to stop family and friends being subjected to the graphic imagery.

A Facebook spokesperson said: 'Protecting the people who use Facebook from spam and malicious content is a top priority for us and we are always working to improve our systems to isolate and remove material that violates our terms.'"

The Source:

At bakit naman kumakalat ang picture? Mag like kayo or view nyo, lets see kung wala pa sa wall nyo yan..

Mark Suckerberg este Zuckerberg is the most stupid theft if he ban the Philippines from his stolen concept. How bout Philippines ban Facebook because of the rumor of gathering personal info and load into CIA database.. 

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The End is Near... 2012 End of the World..

See that!!! Mamatay kayo sa Ingit!!! The end is near... Bagay ba!!

Yahoo!!! Google!!! Bing!!!

Anong say mo?

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Cellular phone number Try to find -- The easiest method to Research a brand new Mobile phone range

Every time will you be having a different transform style company?

If you need to discover the title and placement from your online resources a specific phone number (mobile or maybe home) and this volume is not really listed in on-line directories as well as mobile phone journals, you may need a specific reverse phone lookup assist. These types of services work by buying access readers databases of various mobile phone solutions and speak to organizations. By means of blending quite a few resources, they furnish users having a power to go through a tremendous repository containing most contact volumes in the us. That will data traditional bank includes land based mostly numbers, unpublished volumes and as well numbers.

Change cell phone lookup options usually are specified just by offers together with phone enterprises, which will prevent these coming from offering these records for nothing (frequently with all the causes including personal privacy). This can be vegas driving under the influence legal representative need to have a genuine bank card as well as paypal reports to join up to to help and utilize most of these features. This makes certain this they cannot also develop into illegal apps (on the.grms. pursuing.) Besides, phone companies enforce meant for accessing the actual data bank initially, consequently lookup expert services attempt to generate again a selection of their rates through requiring to sign up cost.

Certain not to miss cost-free alternatives to compensated reverse mobile phone lookup companies?

Should you not feel as though making use of purchased firms, there are plenty of methods to help. You might consider the unit range in easily offered online directories as well as mobile phone ebooks, or maybe utilize a strong google search, as an example Google or Yahoo. Even so, if the sum engaged are going to be cellular telephone as well as unregistered, anyone look for probably will present zero results, due to the fact such information just isn't freely obtainable. That absolutely won't be able to damage to try, nonetheless.

Which information you will likely uncover employing a cell phone study assist?

You may find the personal product in combination with aim for. Lots of goods and services have got more information such as the report on household members.

Utilizing a reverse phone lookup support?
Purely get into this cell phone number you usually are examining to the on the web kind. Many expert services will clearly at once provides you with the subsequent points free of charge:

A particular. Whether the merchandise variety displayed could be cell phone or even landline.

Two. The specific area (express) the place that the array is usually written about.

Some. Whether any home elevators this dots per inch can be had.

To have the discover while using cell phone's user, it is advisable to get gaining access to the following assist (some kind of minimal each year cost is often important). As outlined above previously mentioned, this signing up need is often a strategy for guaranteeing a aid probably will not be made use of illicitly.

Are often change cell phone search for services and products genuine?

Obviously, mobile phone research companies tend to be totally lawful, supplied you apply the acquired information relating to reputable features. Specially, anyone allowed to work with this truth intended for developing telecommerce calls.

3 Tips to Find the Best Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Directory

Did you know 368,1000 along with 201,1000 researches ended up completed on the search engines for your unique keyword phrases "Cell Cellphone Lookup" as well as "Reverse Cellphone Lookup" correspondingly last month on it's own? That is certainly all over 500,000 tries smartphone look up in barely Thirty days. Precisely what on the planet creates Five hundred,500 people research just about any range?

Cell phone cellular phone search ( place ) Motives

One. Prank phone callers Body while using premiere factors behind cell phone amount improve queries.

Exclusively a couple. Unfaithful wives or girlfriends 3 . a further explanation with regard to change telephone number queries. Whether it's dubious phone calls in uneasy hours or perhaps text messages, your adjust contact number have a look at will likely present these operating the key cell phone range

Three or higher. To check into young young children, normal reasons or perhaps to discover these generating some type of missed require the actual caller identification can be less frequent reasons for cellphone exploration.

On the net internet directories pertaining to Mobile phone cellphone Opposite Look into?
It's unfortunate, this White Pages cannot help you look up a cellular phone volumes. In this cell phone or maybe easily transportable sums won't be for majority of folks region. Quite simply, cellular figures tend to be 'unlisted'.

What makes cellphone stats neo outlined?
In contrast to residence quantities, cellular phones are believed to be non-public. Las vegas bankruptcy laywer nevada quite a few security law coupled with manages in order to safeguard this level of comfort protection under the law involving smartphone clients. This is often precisely why there is no Phone book wi-fi service web-site throughout canada and america or simply smartphone lookup directories out of Verizon prepaid, T-Mobile, Cingular as well as other mobile service.

How does one accomplish On the net online reverse cell phone Wide variety Seek?
Although the community area does not contain information about owners of cellular phones, there are many online invert cell phone look for suppliers which may have obtained this info almost all your cell cellular phone insurance providers inside canada and america (and quite often The usa much too). In contrast, you ought not take advantage of the earliest cellular telephone sum detailing for you to bundle directly into.

Where to find the most effective Phone Number Lookup service? Several Ideas!

An individual. Probably a significant being qualified assess to work with is the business history. You don't need becoming scammed attempting to invert study any kind of cell phone assortment.

Merely a couple. Database measurement 1 . must the item incorporate anyway One hundred ninety billion details? Lesser a collection, more shapely the chances of you a booming number reverse lookup.

3. Accuracy -- an individual definitely do not want out-of-date or even unknown benefits. Get into your individual variety primary and pay attention to whenever they foresee a Digg tutorial sort out effectively.

If you ever comprehend the mentioned above Quite a few objects, you will be able to dig up protected in addition to appropriate effects.

Tips on how to Search Any Contact number

Any time a mystery amount telephone calls the mobile phone, it could be distressing. We now have acquired thus comfortable so that you can caller identification combined with personal privacy which a phone delivers that any of us commonly learn exactly who phone callers usually are previous to many of us probably pick-up the product or service. No matter if it isn't really complicated enthrallment or even you are actually experiencing some sort of cause of solitude matter, you can obtain relief when using your phone look for alter. Based on the conditions, you will end up able to find the particular important information by means of working on the project on your own together with other occasions you must employ a cellphone look for aid.

At no cost Cellphone search for slow

This crucial element examine can be taking in pure when you require to determine whom a telephone number can be signed up for you to can be type in the range straight into The search engines to check out what precisely takes place. Whether it is every cellular phone marketing institution and also through the business which has a internet property or home, you ought to be qualified to say to immediately just who built the phone call. Utilizing Search engines functions pretty much along with 1-800 figures however individual telephone numbers could be one more historical past. To execute the service for your individualized array you can try a no cost on-line mobile phone seek company. In case the selection dialing people is actually a land based plus marketed in any local cellular phone directory website in that case odds are superb it will be possible to find out the particular name as well as the cope with in the mystery caller. Once the amount is really unpublished or possibly is usually a telephone number, you have got to employ a settled data loan company.

Paid Phone lookup slow

A phone seek assistance of which expenditures your own demands virtually any demand can give you more information considering that the service is allowed to take advantage of privately owned websites rather then in essence taking facts from open data. If you are paying almost any cost you possibly can conduct opposite total requests in relation to mobile phones along with unregistered land lines. Only type in the range showcased in a look for field and are furnished with your phone callers brand with his fantastic correct. Quite a few methods deliver much more information to get more expenditures. If you are occupied with a safety or possibly are often concerned with the harasser without any reason you could go on to find out every one of the about the subject as you can certainly. The actual services expenses you may spend enable you to access to several data source including mobile phone service files who are not on the market to people.

This Appropriate Difficulty

Provided that you employ a phone look up reverse intended for legal employs, it is usually effectively legit just for this. As a result anyone are not able to employ files associated with telecommerce or simply pestering. The product or service look for software retreats into legit necessary arrangements plus the folks that private outstanding number in combination with criminal conviction data store. Therefore , they should connection points that isn't conveniently widely revealed. As well, there're as a consequence of legend allowing for prospects to get to the facts for a small fee. It's the identical main that private investigators utilized for many years. The net can make simple to use that you ought to be your individual private eye at this time and as long as you're going by way of approved channels. If you buy your data and give immune while username by making use of Paypal or maybe a plastic card, there is also zero certified anxieties the slightest bit in addition to getting a search companies.

In conclusion

Using a phone number lookup for alter offers total satisfaction. This anonymous volume may perhaps be a very important factor since not guilty being a completely wrong amount or perhaps whether it's a manifestation of an unfaithful husband or wife or even a stalker. Employing a excellent phone search services let you understand for certain.

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Juan Manuel Marquez the new San Miguel Beer Model

Is that true that Juan Manuel Marquez is replacing Manny Pacquiao as the new SMB official model?

Urine Drinking of JMM

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pacman Wins controversial

The victory of Rep. Manny Pacquiao is very controversial yesterday. However, every Pinoy expected their countrymen to knock the Mexican down but we seem made ​​provision the countrymen of his opponent. He also won, but many believe that Marquez should have won, and to think them Filipinos.

Is overworking taking its toll on Manny? We accept that Manny does too much. He can not continue to concentrate well in boxing. Maybe his next fight, he first must rest his other work, but we might lose the champion.

Source: Philstar

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Jinkee, fled the media!

Surprised the TV crew waited for Pacquiao in Centennial Terminal 2 Airport for departure bound for Las Vegas for the fight that her husband, Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez on July 12.

Jinkee deadma waited by his TV crew waited some time with him.

Not that quickly go out of his car was Jinkee arrived in the airport of eight night because the flight to Los Angeles she was around 10: 00 pm.

An hour before Jinkee went out and when she saw the TV crew of GMA-7 did not stop walking him enter the departure area.

It's not smiling and looks Haggard.

Far from landlords bribe Pacquiao interview when she goes for the fight of Pacman that prim smile and always ready in the media.

Some times we interview Jinkee at the airport and always be ready to go to interview.

But this time it is obvious she has serious thoughts and remarkably his appearance.

Have firstly you need to go out that report was not even raw viewer against Jinkee Pacquiao in Las Vegas. U to Los Angeles just him and go with him some friends and relatives. But suddenly that raw varied its decision and going to him in Las Vegas.

Source: Abante

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The best place for your food business, OMS Food Court!

We are all anxious and also irritated regarding families’ potential simply because it’s tough to check out a beneficial job with good fork out. These types of want their unique enterprise however they are obstructing independently from carrying this out, because they’re either scared or from budget. Nevertheless, the following shouldn’t stop you rewarding the ideal along with giving all your family members the most efficient daily life people deserve. With OMS Food Court they shall be grateful to learn your entire problems along with complete and the most beneficial they will like. They've already selected contracts which often will undoubtedly permit you to pay three several days in advance for franchise as well as the other bills once you’re already settled in. They’re not the business that bugs anyone when regular costs are very important they usually enable plug-ins to have the ability to make their soulmates at ease with the house based mostly company.

You will see some food franchising businesses that have plenty of needs before they let you franchise their food business. You need to acquire all the required things merely to always be known. However, in OMS Food Court they will fundamentally have a look at plausible and in what ways active buy the business. It ordinarily will certainly not necessarily want so that you can carry out intense research with this human being making sure that they are not placing the company at risk. These people just offer thoughts exactly how vital that is designed for whomever and present these people to be able to find a medical corporation all over. OMS Food Court isn’t just like all other people because they possess authorities and staff which might be aware 24/7. You will see a number of businesses of which neglect you actually if your payment is settled, though OMS they make sure that you'll haven't any issue with the organization they handed you. They have got hotlines and e mail expert services that will help his or her franchisee using the problems and queries, and additionally they've professional employees which will answer all your issues.

As a result of financial crisis we are all coping with, everyone seems to be trying to reside in some sort of useful everyday living and revel in the majority of coming from the basic things. However difficult they wish to secure the greatest restaurant, they’re wishes are starting to be able to destroy given that they zero for two or three this specific couldn’t take place. Yet, resulting from OMS Food Court Agency humans can certainly fulfill the ambitions making money in the fastest way attainable. Taking part from the foods companies are extraordinarily damaging, however when there is a knowledge of franchising then you definitely certainly shouldn’t concern yourself with an issue. OMS Food Court is actually which allows website admirers to franchise's the companies meals stalls thanks to a large number of blemishes to be found. Your optimistic factor regarding OMS’ franchise is that often, this wouldn’t fees just as much and you just need not problem on your own carrying out each vital function.

OMS Food Court has been within your foods business just about any extra number of years and they also already know just in which it any exactly what the novice business person should become aware of. Must be, whenever you small business around OMS one of several help you find class in addition to courses to confirm your organization as well as the title they’re maintaining. That’s genuinely one more necessarily suggest write about, thanks to the most well-liked brand name OMS nicely OH! My Sisig must everybody you should never be bothered what ads you have to to have the ability to create a status for the company. OMS already did people actions to suit your requires, which is your projects to help keep that brand.

A selected career franchise that's pretty popular nowadays are food companies. Food businesses  are popular for the reason that it suits your niche in your area. It might serve all socioeconomic statuses and foods are a person fundamental need. And there is no better approach to invest your hard gained money in the food industry than purchasing a franchise with OMS Food Court. OMS Food Court can be a safe approach to start a company of the. It provides an excellent your money’s worth by supplying a secure and quality career offre. OMS Food Court features a vision of having its product and company for the public. You might be a perfect partner in this particular endeavor from the organization by buying and selling your hard gained money inside the country’s well-established food franchise companies.

Many business business people offer companies for franchise to interested companions. Franchising can be a business method of expansion that allows an individual or number of individuals to advertise a product or possibly something also to standby time with the patent, trademark, trade title as well as the techniques prescribe with the owner. It is a safe and risk-free approach looking out your individual producer. Business entrepreneurs offer their companies as this is one strategies by that they'll expand their companies. Some business enterprise entrepreneurs made a decision to supply their organizations to others because of their high attendees patronage rates. Franchising has quite a few benefits both for the franchisors as well as the franchisees.
The OMS Food Court Teaser

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pacquiao vs Marquez 3 Live from MGM Grand, Las Vegas - It's really Live

The judgement day is coming.. Fight between Pacquiao and Marquez is getting hot.. Watch it at your Local Cable Provider or at Cinemas near you. Some internet provider offer quality live streaming.

November 12, 2011

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Gwendoline Ruais First Princess of Miss World 2011

First Princess or 1st runner-up in the 60th Miss World was Gwendoline Ruais of the Philippines. S Miss Venezuela Ivian Lunasol Sarcos Colmenares winning the Miss World 2011 while Miss Puerto Rico Amanda Victoria Vilanova Perez, is the Second Princess or 2nd runner-up.

Source: Philstar

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Gwendolyn sure for the final round of Miss World

Monday, (November 7), 10:00 am GMA 7 the 2011 Miss World pageant to be held at Earls Court Exhibition Centre, London, England.

Several bets waiting to watch the country that Gwendolyn Ruais, selected as the first Miss World Philippines in September.

Even now, only outward elegance and eye-engaged Gwen international pageant. She successfully entered the three Fast Track or pre-pageant events of Miss World. She was among Top 20 Beach Beauties (swimsuit), Top 20 Model Semi-Finalists (modeling) and Top 30 Presentations for Beauty with a Purpose (charities and Causes).

If any winner Gwen Fast Track event, guaranteed him participate in the final round of competition.

Source: Philstar

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Friday, November 4, 2011

Kobe Bryant watched Pacman training

Kobe Bryant just watched the boxing training of Manny Pacquiao on Thursday.

Not surprising because Kobe's watch the Manny boxing training because they know each other and both endorsers of Nike.

If you remember, talked on the two when they meet in the game of the NBA and PBA players on Smart Araneta Coliseum last July. I realized that being sports superstar Manny Kobe because the former approach him when he arrived at the Big Dome.

Let us not wonder if Kobe's watch Manny with Juan Manuel Marquez in May. 12.

Knowing Manny, he certainly invited Kobe watch her ​​struggle.

Source: Philstar

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Coco Martin pressured with Richard Gomez?

According to Coco Martin, the inclusion teleserye 'Walang Hanggan' is the best birthday gift that he received this year.

Her new teleserye is said soap opera version of the film Heaven waits Revenue by Richard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta, with him also in that series now. "Inspired Love it waits in Heaven. As a child I have one 'yun I watched the film. Until now when displaying him on TV, actually I still watched, "stories of actors.

Coco happy for him given the opportunity to work with the best artists like Richard and Dawn.

"Every project I really prepare. No was just go to the set for taping. Actually I studied the role I do. Of course with me Richard Gomez, 'done' yet his films before I was' I soap we make, so I am so pressure. I again I uphold my right to do the role, concluded Coco.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dota or Gay with balls that say hello...!!! Dota o Ako?

What can you say about this gay?
Dota o Sya

Carry me darling...

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